Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Trend Alert: Sequins, To Wear Or Not To Wear?

A LOT can be said about sequins, but no matter what, you either love them or you hate them. Some people like the jazzed up look, others, not so much. But one thing is for sure and that is that big fashion designer companies like Elizabeth and James, Forever 21 and Lane Bryant, just to name a few, seem big on marketing the sparkly decorated monstrosities that are now being barfed up, shoved down every consumer's throat and sold left, right and center.


My opinion. however, is not to favorable when it comes to this hyped up calamity of the glitzy trashy look. A slouchy hobo shirt she be just this, a comfy slouchy hobo shirt that you can lounge around the house in paired with leggings and some UGGs. Sequins, to me, have no business on a casual look, even if it is labeled the casual chic/ business casual look. Just no. On a tee shirt it just doesn't work for me...or anyone. Do these people think they're in "Flash Dance"?


Now I know that my look on sequined shirts my be bleak, but my outlook on sequins used as an accent, like on the top half of the above pictured dress, is favorable. Sequins in my mind, automatically draw a line to a more dressy, fancier look. To me, they belong more on dresses than on tee shirts.  They even belong more on decorative blouses and cardigans...just not tee-shirts.  It's not the actual sequins that I have a problem with, it's the quantity in which they are used, on what type of garment they are used and where they are placed on said garment. And to show my unbiased opinion, here is a photo of the dress that I purchased over a year ago. As shown, the sequins are used as an black accent on the straps and empire waist belt to the pretty purple of the dress.

On the mannequin


On the Lane Bryant model


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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Autumn Edition : Beauty Essentials

Ello' ladies and gents.... Mostly ladies, guys if you are reading this to maybe find out what you may get your gal for the holidays. If that is the case, and you're a dude brainstorming for your dudette, good on you! You've taken the first step, A BIG FIRST STEP, to pleasing your lady. Hope everyone who reads this find this first edition of my Fall Beauty Essentials a helpful guide to what I find great for when the weather becomes colder.

Photobucket Photobucket
Pictured above are my two favorite scents from this company, in this particular product. Secret Wonderland and Cucumber Melon. Unfortunately I believe that Cucumber Melon had been discontinued. These body butters are EXTREMELY thick and moisturizing, so much so that it is the only thing that heels my feet when they are dried and cracked. The special formula actually repairs the skin back to baby's butt smoothness. It stays soft for a long time and is absorbed so quickly, without leaving behind those pesky oils that slick up doorknobs so you can't turn them. An added bonus of no oily residue is that this product won't damage your clothing or bed sheets by leaving behind an annoying oil stain. I find this product essential with the winter season approaching. Start moisturizing now instead of waiting for cracks to appear.

What can I say about this product? IT IS WONDERFUL! And it really does stay on your lips for an extended amount of time. The color selection is great and you can wear it any day and anywhere. Its non=tacky formula makes it so my fly-away hair doesnt get stuck to my mouth. (i hate that). There really isn't much to say about this wonder product other than it keeps my lips super soft and adds a pretty color to them.


THIS IS THE WORLD'S GREATEST MASCARA! Even better than Falsies by Maybelline, this product is so great. I use the non-waterproof formula and it stays on so well. It says Volumizing but it lengthens my lashes as well... Just two coats and I am ready to go!


I know that this is an older product but I have only recently bought this product. I bought this product from ULTA Beauty Supply. It was on the pricier side and is the third most expensive product I have on this season's list. It is priced at 28 US Dollars. At first I did not want to buy it not only because of the price, but because it looks so pink in the bottle. Also I originally had my sights set on the Cha Cha Tint, which turned out to be way to orange for my very light skin tone, (Think WWE Superstar Sheamus pale). The orange just didn't work for me, so I spotted the Posie Tint right next to the Cha Cha. It looked so pink and bright but I tried it on my hand to swatch it and I immediately fell head over heels for it. It was the perfect color and shade of pink for me. Not only that but it looks great on all skin tones. It's very fitting for all seasons. It it the perfect lip and cheek stain. The bottle looks small and you wouldn't think that the product would last very long but I bought mine back in earyly July and I wear it everyday and it hasn't even gone down at all! I also bought the sample trio of Posie Tint, Benetint and High Beam from Sephora for 15 US Dollars around the same time and they haven't even gone down! This product leaves a healthy pink flush on the cheeks with a light flowery smell. Definitely worth the price!

This is the best eyeliner of any kind that I have EVER purchased and I am officially hooked on it! The formula is so smooth and non-irritating. You only need very little of it because of the intense pigmentation and the fact that it glides on so well. I bought this eyeliner because I needed an eyeliner to line my water line with and this was only 1.99 US Dollars so I figured, "Hey, why not. If I don't like it at least it was cheap." So I bought it not knowing what to expect from this company. It turns out that every review I had read about this brand was spot on. Although I had only read about Essence's liquid liner I wanted to try the gel. It stays on all day and doesn't flake or fade. I use it directly on the water line and it is the only liner that hasn't made my eyes burn or itch. It is a little difficult to get off, as it is waterproof, but it is no match for my M.A.C. makeup remover for sensitive eyes. I wear this eyeliner most days and I always get asked what brand it is. Over here in the United States Essence carries the lable "Sleeper Brand" because it is only carried in ULTA Beauty Supply store where I live, which is a higher end cosmetic shop, like Sephora, and most people just go directly to the higher priced products like Urban Decay and Smashbox. It is a product I really recommend for everyday and formal wear.

They're is not really much to say about this product except that this is the best eyecream that I have tried. It has a refreshingly light scent to it and Benefit carried two sizes of this eyecream. I own the tiny sample size that came in the Benefit limited edition skincare sample kit. The large one is priced at 32 US Dollars for .5 fluid ounces making this the second most steeply priced item on this list. Even though this is highly priced it is worth the money. I am going to invest in this larger sized tub because it is worth having and lasts a long time. It is important to keep your skin moisturized, especially now that the weather is growing colder. It prevents the dark circles from growing darker around your eyes and in the long run it will help keep the elasticity of the skin around the eyes therefore reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Even if you are young like me (I'm 22), you need to start using creams. Scientists say that your skin grows weaker when you turn 20 and to prevent sagging and wrinkles to use creams specially formulated for your face and eyes.

This lipstick comes in a large variety of colors and glides on smoothly. Also in the formula is a lip smoothing serum to help make your lips look healthier by reducing lines. Everyone's lips have lines, but this lipstick helps to smooth them out. A VERY IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THIS LIPSTICK IS THE LACK OF LEAD! I wrote a previous blog post and filmed a video about various lipstick and brands that contain lead and this was one that I tested personally and found there to be no lead in either of the two lipsticks I had. I was shocked however, to find that my two M.A.C. lipsticks, which are each double the price of one of the CoverGirl lipsticks, contain lead. For 7.99 US Dollars I feel comfortable buying and recommending this brand to consumers. Know I know I can feel like I look good without poisoning myself.

THE WORLD'S BEST SMELLING PERFUME! I am in love. If there was such a thing as a soul mate in a scent this would be mine...Not much else I can say other than the fact that I have the ORIGINAL Butterfly perfume AND two limited edition bottles. (The No. 1 and No. 3 bottles.) I bought my limited edition bottles at Bloomingdales and paid 95 US Dollars for each of them making this the highest priced item on the list. The orignal perfume is retailed at 95 US Dollars as well but I found a place that sells it for 40 US Dollars making it a steal. Despite the price, this is a must have perfume for any girl.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I know that there was a lot to take in and read but thank you for taking the time to get this far in the post. This is the first full length blog post that I have written and I wanted to be very accurate with the prices and the descriptions of each product. I felt that it was necessary to go very in depth with the description and I why I have labeled the product as worthy of being on this list. I hope that you enjoyed this post and that if you decide to try any of these products, that you enjoy them as much as I do. HAPPY AUTUMN!