Monday, January 2, 2012

The Year In Review

Trends came, and they came hard, while others...not so much.  Some I understood...others...not so much. Some were popular beyond belief, while others didn't quite catch on.  Some faded before you could blink and say "What the fu--" and others...well they're still hanging on...some for dear life, and others, you just know are going to stick around for a long time.  But no matter how you spin it, whether a trend be "new" or new or old, or just plain stupid, they still became well known in their own right.  And those designers, they became rich--er. 

Some of the trends were based in cosmetics, others based in clothing and accessories, but most, were recycled from past decades...

Take neon lipstick and bright in-your-face blue eyeshadow for example.  You know, those bright neon pink and orange lips and eccentric clown eyes that are still too overly common in fashion magazines.  Hello, the 80's called...they want there shitty makeup back.  But let's just take it slowly.  I'll start you off with a review of lipsticks and lip color...then I will move on to eyeshadows and pigments.

I have been asked before by people, "Hey, Sam, what do you think would be the perfect orange or bright pink lipcolor for my complextion would be,"...and...quite honestly, I have to tell them, "None."  This trend just doesn't work for anybody.  Of any skin color/complexion. repeat, *Whips out Mega-phone* "DO NOT TOUCH THIS TREND WITH A THIRTY FOOT POLE."  It just doesn't look good on anyone.  Okay?  It makes you look like you're a four year old who got into your mommy's cosmetic draw...  It's just silly looking.  Also, as an added turn off...It's also a mega turn off for guys.  Take it to heart ladies...Men, although you may think they won't, they actually DO notice.  And survey says, they don't like.

Now for the eyeshadows.  Granted, I'm not against blue eyeshadow, but if worn "improperly" or put on without any knowledge of color and application, you could end up looking like you belong in the Barnum & Bailey Circus...Not good.  The key to a good looking blue is to know how to apply it, where to apply it, when to apply it and to know how much you are putting on.  I usually take the blues, teals, and turquoises and give a smokey eye a lil' pop of color right at the inner corner and lid of my eye.  Blue even works if you are using a complimentary color, such as a darker purple, to add a bit of dimension and variation.  The problem with this trend though, is that most people don't know the proper way to apply brightly colored eye pigments and shadows.  It's not an easy thing to learn either.  It's mostly a "Trial and error" process that takes time to hone in.  This trend is all about location, location, location.  Where on the eye do you put it...My suggestion would be, depending on the dominant color in the look, either in the inner corner of your eye or on the center part of your lid.  Thus, creating a slight, "Pop."

Ah, here's a real doozy.  The color blocking trend.  Whether for cosmetics or clothing, you just need to know what colors suit what colors and go with it.  Don't try the color blocking trend (in clothing) if you don't know anything about the color wheel.  You wouldn't want to end up looking like the sign of a fast food restaurant.  Bright colors like yellow and red, although they match, should not be worn together in a color blocked outfit.  Too many bright colors will draw attention to yourself, and some of that attention may be in places...well I'll just leave it at that...and I don't mean the good kind of attention either.  It'd be like a game of "spot the plonker."  Just sayin'.  But on the other hand, you can wear a pair of red disco pants and a blue sweater or blouse and look amazing.  It's all about the color choices and how you wear them.  Also key is wearing PLAIN colors...No patterns should be worn while wearing this look.  (At least not in my mind).  This look is better suited to flat colors.

Now, leggings.  Man, did those things catch on like wildfire.  The sold like hotcakes.  They are the most popular thing since sliced bread.  You get my meaning.  Everyone has them.  Even I have them...Several pairs!  Two long black, one capri black, one brown long pair and one long dark grey pair.  I'm not what one would call thin.  Nor am I what one would call "average."  But, then again, what is average nowadays.  Seems the average weight for an American woman increases every year.  It's a sad story, but a true one nonetheless.  I happen to be overweight.  Some may even call me fat...and they did in high school.  But leggings actually suit my body type.  I'm not a rolly-polly heavy, but I do have a large chest a tummy and hips... I suffer from what I call "flat-ass syndrome."  I mean it's literally got no's flat... So hard to find a well fitting pair of jeans.  But leggings...ooooh momma, do they feel good.  I don't even jiggle in them!  They look great depending on how you dress them up.  I usually wear a pair of biker boots, or a nice pair of boots with them.  My sister wears UGGs with them.  And on my top I wear a nice sweater, a V-neck Tee and over that a long outer sweater.  Problem solved.  But the other problem is that people who do not have the body type wear them and on top of that, they wear their pants three sizes too small and wear hoodies and crappy shirts with them...making them look sloppy.  They have the perpetual "Muffin top, camel toe and wedgie" combo.  It's a horrific sight.

Now I don't think I need to write a whole new thing on Jeggings and Skinny jeans...just see above for my outlook.  For it is the same as my outlook on leggings.  Though I do not wear Jeggings and can't fit my thighs into skinny jeans...I opt for boot cut jeans...same difference in my mind...

Now onto accessories...

Feather extensions should just go...end of story....They don't look good on anyone...'Nuff said.  UGGs I like, they can stay.  They're comfy and warm although the practicality of them in winter weather is nill.  They are still great on a cold DRY day.

Floral prints seemed to be big this year...which is great.  I love florals...all year.  And pastels...I love pastels...especially mixed with florals.  Vintage colors are great too.  Those seem to be starting to come in and maybe, just maybe, they will be big within the next season or too.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great 2011 and a happy new year!  I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post of 2012!  Who's ready for the Apocalypse?! Ha! I'm kidding.  I don't believe in that.  After all, when the New Testament was written, Apocalypse meant an awakening of long forgotten knowledge.  Not the end of the world! =)  After all, we have learned a lot within the past year.  And I know this year, we are only going to add to our vast store of knowledge.  So have a happy and healthy new year, full of fun, friends, and be worry free!

With Love