Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions Quick Review

So ive recently been shipped the Palmolive Fresh Infusions Voxbox from Influenter. First of all, I have the Beauty Badge...Not sure why i was selected to receive DISH Soaps...but i digress... IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT : The soap is "naturally inspired", but that doesn't mean all ingredients are natural. While it is phosphate free, it clearly states DO NOT ADD BLEACH, but does not list the ingredients which might be harmful when combined with bleach. So, anyway...each bottle runs at a price of 2.99USD at Walmart... While I am not the primary dish washer of the family, i did notice however, that the smells of the soap we extremely potant and that the dish washing time was cut down a lot... when i did use the soap i noticed that my hands were soft, but not as soft as, say if i used another soap, Dawn. I was a little wary as to why it is clearly stated on the bottle "DO NOT USE WITH BLEACH!" Does that mean that some of the ingredients are harmful? Does it mean that bleach is already an ingredient? I dont know, seeing as the ingredients are not listed on the bottle in full. Kinda scary. Made me wonder if i shouldnt have let the soap touch my hands or if i should have even used it to clean my TeaCups... Needless to say, this product left more to be desired and left me with more questions than answers, which is not something i want to be left with...especially when using it on items that i put in or near my mouth, or the mouths of others... Bottom line: I cannot recommend this product nor will i purchase it...I guess that's why i love influenster so much...I get to try products for free to see if i would ever repurchase them.