Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Budget Bronzers: A Comparison

Hey guys.  A few months ago, my friend from Ireland and fellow beauty blogger, Leanne, did a makeup swap.  In her package that she sent me she included the PRIMARK GOLD SHIMMER & GLOW BRONZER.  Boy oh, boy!  Do I love this product.  I also picked up the E.L.F. GOLDEN BRONZER at my local Target, just so if I ever wanted to, I could pick and choose which one I was in the mood to wear.

First off I have to say this: I am completely obsessed with both of these bronzers!

I am obsessed with the PRIMARK GOLD SHIMMER & GLOW BRONZER for the following reasons...

1. Lets just show you a picture of this amazing product.

Bam! It's feckin' leopard print!  Hello?  Awesome, much?

2.  It is sooo HIGHLY PIGMENTED that you really don't need all that much on your brush.  So much so that I also find it perfect for a night out on the town.  Plus, its got the "Purrfect" amount of SHIMMER.  It is beyond perfect for contouring the face.
This item has lasted me for months and months!
Keep in mind though that since I did not purchase this myself...living in the States of course, I don't actually know how much this item is.

Now for the E.L.F. GOLDEN BRONZER...This neat little product comes extremely well packaged for it's THREE USD price tag.  It's a solid black compact with a quad-like bronzer inside.  It comes complete with a decent sized mirror as well.  Now, this product is an amazing find for me.  Because I am so pale, I have to be careful with what shades of blushes and bronzers I use.  When I found this I new immediately that it would be the perfect shade for my skin tone!  Not too dark, but also not too light.  It is my preference of bronzers to wear in the daytime hours.  It's quad-like appearence comes from the fact of it looking like it has two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter.  Which I guess you could use separately, but I choose to just swirl my brush into all of the colors at once.  Also, with this product, not a whole lot is needed on your brush.  Did I mention it has a slight amount of shimmer to it?