Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Edition: Beauty Essentails

Hello once again.  It's been a while since my last blog post, I know.  But, with everything that's going on, like the holidays and the upcoming New Year, it's been hard to find the time to write.  Since it has been so long I think it's just best to get started writing.  So, without any further ado, I give you my "Winter Edition: Beauty Essentials" blog! *Insert cheers here*

So the first thing, and most important thing, on my list, and I did a whole segment on this in my last Beauty Essentials list, is lotions, creams and body butters!  Keeping your skin nice and smooth is key to preventing wrinkles and creases when you get older, not to mention it being the foundation on which to apply any and all makeup.  Dry skin + Makeup = SKIN BREAKOUTS.  So in closing USE MOISTURIZERS EVERYDAY! And do yourself a favor, leave at least one day a week where you don't put on makeup.  Your skin and older self will thank you.

The next thing on the list which is not hard to do, is wash your face with cool water.  Warm and hot water will extract the moisture out of your skin, cool water doesn't.  Also, as an added bonus it will increase the circulation in your facial skin.  The product I recommend is a facial scrub by Clean and Clear.  It helps to reduce excess oils on the skin and helps to reduce acne breakouts while exfoliating the dead skins cells away from your face.

 Another important thing on the list is total body care.  You may think that you won't need to change a thing in your daily regimen, such as using body washes that are more suited to your needs during the changing of the seasons.  My recommendation is the Dove Body Wash For Sensitive Skin.  If you don't have the worry of sensitive skin, the Dove Body Wash Total Moisture is just a good.  Dove prevents the hot water of your shower from drawing out the moisture from your skin.  It will help prevent the feeling of being "pruny".  You know, that look on your fingertips when they become all deeply wrinkled and and dry.  Kind of like when you've spent too much time in the swimming pool.  Not a very attractive look.

Lucky for you these next few things DO NOT pertain to skin care of ANY sort!  Although one does pertain to hair care.  So I'll just get that quick little blurb out of the way.

THE WET BRUSH!  It's NEW!  It's EXCITING! It's AMAZING!  It's BLOODY BRILLIANT! THAT'S WHAT IT IS!  My mom actually picked the brush up for me.  It cost her around twelve dollars at our hair salon.  It is a soft bristled brush that won't cause split ends.  This is a tip my hair stylist told me that I am passing on to you.  He said the number one cause of split ends is using a hard toothed brush that literally breaks your hair as you brush it.  The soft bristles of The Wet Brush won't break the strands of your hair as you brush it.  Also in the process, the brush will untangle even your toughest tangles.  It's also great for hair extensions and wigs!  This brush can be bought online or at your hair salon.

Now as for the BH Cosmetics 120 First Edition Eyeshadow Pallet, there is nothing that I can say that can fully explain what a corner stone this has become in my cosmetic...collection.  It has every color you can imagine, in every shade you can imagine.  The products from BH Cosmetics are well priced.  The first edition pallet is around 25 dollars for 120 colors.  Not to mention they are ALWAYS having great sales on their products.  So I really got mine for 18 dollars plus shipping and handling which is another 7 bucks, which isn't too expensive, considering how well it's packaged.  It comes so incredibly bubble wrapped that there is no need to worry that any of the shadows will come damaged.  BH Cosmetics is an online only cosmetics company based in L.A. and they ship anywhere world wide.  Their products are high quality and brilliantly pigmented.